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Company History

The Company was formed in 1978, by John Rayfield, Jr. This was a result of his long time interest in radio communications.

He obtained his first amateur radio license, at age 14, in 1974.  In  1978 he passed the tests for his FCC 1st Class Radiotelephone Operator's License, which was required to be employed by radio and TV stations as an Engineer.

John Jr. was the Chief Engineer for a radio station in Branson/Hollister, Missouri during 1978/1979.  During this time, he started Rayfield Communications, providing two-way radio sales and service.  In 1982, it was relocated to Springfield, MO. due to the expansion of radio communications in the Springfield area.

In 1984, Rayfield Communications installed their first 800 Mhz LTR trunked repeater system which was expanded, over time, with linking equipment invented by John Jr., to include 7 networked sites, covering 8000 sq. miles of S.W. Missouri.  This gives Rayfield Communications 19 years of experience with trunked repeater networking.  This is an interesting fact, since the State of Missouri is just now designing and will shortly be constructing their FIRST trunked, networked, repeater system.

Since those early years, Rayfield Communications, has been at the forefront of solving radio communication issues.  This is a result of our personal interest in radio communications, not just selling a product.

Our interest is still staying on the leading edge of communications technology, and implementing this for our customers.  The following illustrates this:

  • Built the first proprietary IP-based/VOIP-based radio dispatch network.  This network consists of 7 trunked repeater sites (26 repeaters), covering most of S.W. Missouri.  This was one of the first of this type of networks in the United States.
  • Installed the first IP-based/VOIP-based radio dispatch equipment used for public safety in S.W. Missouri at the Lawrence County Sheriff's Dept.  This uses a Motorola Canopy wireless systems to transport the VOIP data.
  • Installed the second IP-based/VOIP-based radio dispatch equipment used for public safety in S.W. Missouri in 2006, at the Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, MO.  This system uses a Motorola Canopy wireless system to transport the VOIP data.

Over the years Rayfield Communications worked directly with engineers at E.F. Johnson Co. and Maxon. in testing products and software.  We have been working with Telex in testing new products and software before market introduction.  We are currently providing consulting services to Motorola for their newest digital communications system, called Mototrbo, working directly with engineers on product design and beta-testing the new products.

To hone our skills, Rayfield Communications is a firm believer in continuing education and certifications to verify our skills.

John Jr. currently holds an Extra Class Amateur Radio License, FCC General Class Radiotelephone License, Electronics Technician Certification from Electronics Technicians Association, as well as factory training certifications from Telex (VOIP systems) and Zetron (4000 series Radio Dispatch Consoles and 3200 series 911 Telephone Systems.)

John Jr. is presently experimenting with the latest digital communication modes for HF (shortwave) radio frequencies, with the goal of using them for long range (state and nationwide) emergency communications.

Rayfield Communications employees hold similar certifications, and our install technicians are " Certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians".

Our goal is expressed at our web site www.rayfield.net

               "Implemtation of New & Emerging Technology"

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