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IP-Based, Infrastructure-based Interoperability Solutions    c-Bridge IPSC-x Series


c-Bridge is an IP-based platform for enhancing the functionality of Motorola MOTOTRBO digital communications systems.

Several different product models are available, providing the follow capabilities:

  • c-Bridge Remote:  IP-Based Remote Voice Dispatch
    • Replaces Tone Remote Systems
    • No Control Stations Needed
    • Can Provide Interoperability between MOTOTRBO and non-MOTOTRBO systems
    • Interfaces with the following types of systems:
      • MOTOTRBO
      • analog FM
      • analog AM
      • P25 Digital
  • c-Bridge IPSC:  Bridge Between MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect (IPSC) Systems
    • Create Very Large IPSC Systems - Effectively Breaks the 15-Repeater IPSC Limit
    • Dynamically Connect/Disconnect Between IPSC
    • Connect up to 5 IPSC Systems
    • Can Operate as IPSC Peers or Masters, or a combination of both
  • c-Bridge Deluxe:  Separate Server/Gateway System
    • Same Features as c-Bridge Remote and c-Bridge IPSC
      Plus Allows for Larger IPSC-Only and Interoperability Systems

c-Bridge interconnects with MOTOTRBO systems at the IP infrastructure level, using IP data connections over just about any IP network, including fiber, T1, wireless, DSL, and even some satellite links. Operating at this IP level results in superior audio quality, as compared to using control station access into a MOTOTRBO system.  In interoperability systems, access to analog repeaters and base stations can also be done without the use of control stations, eliminating problems such as repeater hang-time, audio levels, and poor audio quality.  This results in interoperability systems that operate second-to-none in performance.


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c-Bridge is a trademark of Rayfield Communications, Inc.  MOTOTRBO is a trademark of Motorola Solutions



c-Bridge is a trademark of Rayfield Communications, Inc.  MOTOTRBO is a trademark of Motorola Solutions