Rayfield Communications
2018 W. Woodland St.
Springfield, MO  65807
417-887-1434 (fax)


Residential Service -

Up to 25 Mbps

Business Service -

Up to 100 Mbps

No Data Caps!

No Speed Throttling!

Upload and Download Speeds the Same!




Rayfield Communications

2018 W. Woodland St.
Springfield, MO  65807



Fiber-Fast High-Speed Wireless Internet

Tired of slow internet speeds?

Tired of intermittent internet connections?

Need faster upload speed?

Fiber-Fast High-Speed Internet from Rayfield Communications solves all of these problems, with reliable and high-quality wireless connectivity.

Our system starts with a fast, reliable fiber connection from Show-Me Technologies. From there, we use microwave radio systems to broadcast the internet connections to places that DSL and Cable TV systems don’t reach (and places the do!). And instead of giving you high download speed and very slow upload speed, our Fiber-Fast High-Speed Internet is ‘symmetrical’ – you get fast download AND upload speeds.

Call Us Today to find out more about Fiber-Fast High-Speed Wireless Internet from Rayfield Communications.

   Fiber-Fast High-Speed Internet is not available in all locations.  Call to check for Availability.